The CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook will take up the platform in Cupertino, California on Tuesday 10th Sept 2019 to introduce the latest iPhones. This day is very important for Apple Inc and its customers out there. Apple’s smartphone makes up almost half of Apple’s sales and new models juice other sources of revenue.

There will be upgrades to the iPhone XS, XS Max and a replacement for the iPhone XR. The Tech giant is also getting new Apple Watches ready.

The high-end iPhone updates will be all about the cameras:
These handsets will have three cameras on the back for wide-angle photography, higher-resolution pictures, and much-improved video recording. There will be new AI-powered features for auto-correcting photos, putting people back into a frame when they’ve been chopped off, and live to edit of video while it’s being recorded. Apple is also going to rival Google Pixel phones with a focus on improving pictures taken in low-light environments. The Face ID camera will get an upgrade, too, letting people unlock their phone even if it’s flat on a table.

The iPhone XR’s replacement is getting a new camera too: Apple will add a second camera to the back of the lower-cost iPhone, giving it higher portrait mode ability and optical zoom. It’ll also come in a new color, green. It will get a faster A13 chip, like the new high-end models.

The Apple Watch’s big changes came last year: 
This year’s Apple Watch updates will be software and casing-focused, with the company planning new versions in ceramic and titanium, a slew of new straps and the watchOS 6 updates with new apps, watch faces, Siri features, and an on-board App Store. Sleep tracking has been in the works as well. Watch out for bigger changes and a faster processor for the Apple Watch in 2020.