Asiedu Nketia said DKM customers were ‘reckless investors’
In the meantime, what did President Mahama’s government have for the unfortunate customers of these financial institutions? Sadly, Ladies and Gentlemen, when these customers cried for help from government, Mr. Mahama and the NDC rather blamed them for their bad investment decisions and indicated that government was in no position to address their predicament. In fact, Mr. Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the NDC is on record to have said, and I quote, ‘How can victims of the DKM microfinance scam demand that taxpayers’ money be used to reimburse them when their bad investment decisions had nothing to do with government?’”
“Ladies and Gentleman, the NDC’s recent promise to pay customers of DKM when they earlier described the victims as reckless investors, is a manifestation of double standards. Evidently, Mr. Mahama and his NDC when in government find it expedient to cancel what is good for Ghanaians – such as the teachers’ and nurses’ trainee allowances only to promise their restoration when in opposition.
“Such U-turns are not accidental, rather, they are clear manifestations of Mr. Mahama’s indecisiveness, lack of credibility, penchant for vain promises intended to score cheap political points and his general insensitivity to the plight of Ghanaians, particularly victims of the financial sector crisis which thrived under his watch”, Mr Akomea said.