Cedric Knight, an American pastor says that Beyonce’s Black is film is purely satanic. He gave this insight in a Facebook post

A very popular American pastor, Cedric Knight says Beyonce’s Black is King film is demonic. The minister in a Facebook post gave some insight about Black is King’s film to prove his claims that it’s demonic and is already connecting people to the devil.

He posted a picture of Beyonce in her Already music video. In this scene, Beyonce was clad in a brown and white dress and wore on her head a horn. The pastor claims that the horn seen on Beyonce’s head is symbolic of Baphomet. He claims that Beyonce is in contract with the devil and that has caused her to be very popular.

Sharing the post Pastor Cedric Knight wrote; ‘Black is King is #satanic! They aren’t #hiding anymore! #Witches #Jezebels #Warlocks’

Cedric Knight’s post