Social media woke to a shock as a son of Arch Bishop Duncan Williams, has dropped his sex tape plus nude videos on social meda.

Daniel Duncan Williams is the last born of the influential Ghanaian man God and for some years now, he has turned to live a life very contrary to what anyone would expect from the son of such an affluent pastor.

On Monday dawn, Daniel, who has also been pursuing a music career under the name Dee Wills, took to his twitter account to share erotic videos on his timeline. One featured two girls who were naked in a pool with him and having a sexual affair.

He captioned it “Timeline asleep?”. In another post, he dropped a video of himself oiling his manhood with the caption “AHHHHH HERRHHHH..yh I need my cock sucked sis.. ”.

Though the son of the pastor is known for his open notorious life, this comes as a shock to many. In a reaction, a tweet wondered if he is indeed the son of the Archbishop and whether his behaviour is out of being a rich kid and he replied “Of course g. Duncan William’s last born most dusted bomber whole Accra”. Unfortunately, we cannot share the VERY erotic ones on our website.