Dr. Bawumai lunches Ghana Universal Quick Responds Code system.


Moving Ghana from a cash base economy to an electronic payment base economy,the Vice President of the Republic Dr. Bawumia and the Minister for communication, Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful with representatives from the Ghana inter-bank payment and settlement system formally outdoors the Ghana Code Responds system.

According to the vice president, Ghana will be first in Africa and third across the world to introduce the system after Singapore and India. What makes Ghana system unique from  India and Singapore is that the system caters for both bank customers and non-bank Customers, unlike India that cater for only bank customers.

With the lunch of the system, all merchants or people who receives payment will instantly be credited on their mobile phones when customers scans their QR code and pays through this system. You just need to scan the Unique QR code to pay electronically.

The vice president also made it known that this system is free when you make payment with this new system. For example the vice president revealed that funeral donations can be paid electronically if family get a QR code on invitation cards, with this  just a simple scan of the QR code on the funeral invitation card, people can make their money donation electronically.