Actress Lydia Forson lost her cool on Mother’s Day after a social media user passed a useless comment under a post shared by TV3 on Facebook.

Yesterday 9th March 2021 was Mother’s Day. It was a time to celebrate all and potential mothers who have in one way or the other brought forth life on earth.

And as accustomed, social media was awashed with pictures of beautiful mothers accompanied by heart-warming messages from their wards to them.

Ghanaian celebrities were not left out. The majority of them thronged social media to show love to their respective mothers on this special day.

TV3 on Facebook shared a photo of ever-beautiful Lydia Forson and her mother twinning on mother’s day wearing beautiful smiles on their faces.

A Facebook user by the name Otuya Rukewe Godwin decided to spoil the ‘fun’. The comment he passed under Lydia Forson and mother’s picture didn’t go down well with the actress.

The user inquired why Lydia Forson wore a short dress and her mother didn’t advise her to wear something more modest. He added that Lydia’s mother doesn’t deserve to be celebrated on mother’s day.