A hedge fund is an investment company that invests its partners and clients money in alternative investment to either beat the market or provide a hedge against unforeseen market changes. They strain complex trading, portfolio construction and risk management techniques in an attempt to improve performance, such as short selling, leverage, and derivatives. All they focus on are ways to make profits for themselves and their clients.

Inflation is a measure of the rate of rising prices of goods and services in an economy. Inflation devalues a country’s money and its cash systems and relatively purchases fewer goods than before. This damaging, yet unending problem as it seems, always affects those who keep cash savings and all workers with fixed salaries. The number of workers, who work for wages in a country exceeds entrepreneurs in every country and in every year. This makes inflation superficial on a lot of employees all over the world.

How Inflation Affects an economy.

High-interest rate: When a nation’s government increases the money supply, the increased availability always affects the interest rate of the country. It lowers the interest rate and this can be very damaging. However, the higher equilibrium prices and lower value of the money due to the increased money supply leads banks and other financial institutions to raise rates in order to compensate for the loss of the purchasing power of their funds.

Other ways by which inflation affects an economy are:

1. Lower exports

2. Lower savings

3. Inefficient government spending

4. Increment in taxation

Rolaz Hedge Fund, one of the top asset management firms, with its presence in Europe, the United States and South America recognize

This is an opportunity to network one of the world’s best investment products and bridge it using the latest digital and Defi technologies. Over the years, they have operated as a successful hedge fund company and are going fully into the blockchain. Rolaz embraced blockchain in early 2019 and is fully adopting this powerful technology.

It is not arguable that technology-based solutions are the best and will remain the best. Blockchain is a record-keeping, importantly trust-building technology.

Rolaz Gold is a blockchain project focusing to leverage blockchain technology.

The team is able to issue a reliable, transparent and traceable way in the form of growing and successful exploration operations into a gargantuan project. Already, the team is already experienced and has all the needed information. Investors will be able to make informed decisions about the prospects of the project’s success and be able to gauge their investment threshold.

Rolaz Gold gives an opportunity to all investors to invest in already operational gold mining ventures and receives rewards of the unique investment opportunity that hitherto was only available to few people to enjoy. This wonderful opportunity is now opened to the general public with advanced security and fully transparent now with the implementation of blockchain.

Rolaz Gold is saving investors from dealing with bureaucratic red tape, tons of paperwork and all other sorts of run-around of investment about precious metals and other commodities. rGLD allows users to stake and earn from their assets on autopilot.

Rolaz — A Decentralized Hedge Fund for all

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