Dancehall king Shatta Wale has responded after the true ownership of his business, ‘Shaxi’, was exposed.

Shatta recently opened his own business, a rideshare company known as ‘Shaxi’ (a portmanteau of Shatta Wale and taxi).

The business is in its infancy but much like its founder, it is already being shrouded in controversy.

An insider with knowledge of the ‘Shaxi’ brand claims that Shatta Wale is not the real owner of the business.

According to Freddie Mawuli, in a post on social media, a popular game boy in Accra actually owns the ‘Shaxi’ business.

Wale is allegedly being used as a front for the business, which is apparently nothing but a money-laundering front.

The news came as a shock to netizens and has been trending nonstop.

Wale has responded to the provocation with a post promoting his business.

The dancehall king appears to be ignoring all the naysayers and just working hard enough to make Shaxi into a success.

But as we know in Ghana, there’s often no smoke without fire.

We’ll soon find out the true ownership of Shaxi – nothing hides forever.