It’s just 24 hours now the ‘Already’ video was posted and it has 4.1 million views already. Ghana Dancehall King Shatter Wale has received praise when this video was released.

Pope Skinny is back hitting on Shatta Wale again. In a recent video that has sighted, the ‘Wa Shatta Me’ crooner has narrated and tagged the trending video (Already) music video by Shatta Wale and Beyonce as fake.

Pope Skinny claims that the elements in the video that Ghanaians are rushing to watch and gives praises to Shatta Wale is just fake, He says that the entire video is photoshopped.

In this video, Pope Skinny added that Beyonce never came to Ghana for a music shoot any music video with Shatta Wale, rather it was her mother who came to the country on a tour as part of the Return Initiative by the Government. Pope Skinny called Shatta Wale as a fake person who wants to play with people’s minds for a cheap hype. He later advised Wale to apologize to his fans for lying to them about the Already video