Popular vlogger and commentator, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has leaked portions of a private conversation with National Youth Organizer of the opposition NDC George Opare Addo in which the NDC Youth leader admits that he lives in the United States.

Mr. Taylor is who described the Youth leader as a poison in the wine of John Mahama and the NDC said there is no way a US-based Youth leader can win an election for John Mahama or NDC in 2024.

The US-based vlogger revealed the local US network text message was sent to him by the NDC National Youth Organizer who is also resident in the United States but occasionally visits Ghana for his party duties. In the message, the NDC youth leader admits that he and Kevin Taylor both live in the United States.

Mr. Taylor had renewed his claims in a video that George Opare Addo was working in the camp of Kwabena Duffour and was unknown in Ghana compared to Sammi Awuku of the NPP 3 years into his mandate as a youth leader.

In the text message, Mr. Opare Addo who had wanted to meet Kevin Taylor for a conversation but failed threatened to take legal action against the vlogger because they both “live in the States”

Kevin Taylor went ballistics on the NDC youth leader:

“I have seen that the NDC biggest problem is Pablo. From 2018 to date he has spent only 2 years in Ghana. He is always in the United States. … I woke up and saw a text from Pablo threatening me because I spoke about him. I spoke about Kwabena Duffour.

If that guy is kept as your National Youth Organizer, laalaailaallallaa NDC will never win 2024 election” Kevin Taylor fumed.

This comes months after Mr. Taylor described the NDC youth leader popularly known as Pablo as someone who has a “small brain” and lacks the courage to lead NDC youth.

Mr. Taylor who has been on a crusade against the youth leader said NDC “having Opare Addo as your youth organizer gives the NPP a step ahead of you in everything that has to do with the youth in an election”, predicting that the NDC could lose the 2024 election with Mr. Opare Addo in charge.

He further described Mr. Opare Addo “as the weakest link in your party, the earlier you guys understand this Open secret the better.
He made all your work end up in vain because he is a coward, selfish and an arrogant big body small brain leader”.

The friction between the two figures has been ongoing for sometime now with Taylor taking the opportunity to occasionally jab Opare Addo in his video sessions on social media.