The World Health Organization (WHO) has reiterated the origin of the new Coronavirus disease. This is after United States President Donald Trump on last week claimed that he had seen prove that Wuhan lnstitute of Virology in China was the actual source of the outbreak.

However the world Health organisation has revealed that coronavirus was of natural origin. WHO emergencies chief Michael Ryan stressed the virus is of natural origin. Scientist believe that Corona virus jumped from animals to Humans.

The viruses so far affected almost every part of the world, United States being the most affected and other European countries including Italy, Spain and UK have also been attacked badly. The virus has cut short of over 230000 lifes globally. Governments of various countries are coming up with measures to curb the spread of tht epidemic since its very deadly.

Ryan said they have identified what’s the natural host of the virus is.

“what is important is that we have established what that natural host with a virus is, now you need to understand how the animal-human species barrier was breached.” He said.

WHO chief Tendros Adhanom Ghebreyesus continued to push back criticism lobbed to his organisation by Trump in particular who suspended Washington funding to The World Health Organisation after claiming that the outbreak was attached in China.