Mr Tabernacle, an award-winning Ghanaian blogger, MC, and entertainment critic, has chided Yaw Berk for resorting to the internet to solicit funds to pay his rent.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santan on OKAY FM, Yaw Berk revealed that his landlord has been tormenting his life ever since his rent expired.

He added that he keeps knocking on his door despite making it clear that he doesn’t have enough funds to foot the bills at the moment.

He said;

“Right now the only problem I have is with my landlord. He is evicting me because I can’t renew my rent. I live at Trassacco and my rent is due so my landlord is always knocking on my gate and that is worrying. So if I get people who will donate to support me I will be eternally grateful”

It is at the back of this confession that has forced Mr. Tabernacle to push sense into Yaw Berk’s head.

According to Mr. Tabernacle, Yaw Berk should find another job to do if music is not paying him.

He also slammed Yaw Berk for renting at an expensive place like Trassaco while he knows that he can’t pay for his rent when it expires.

Mr. Tabernacle who sounded very peeved whiles sharing his opinion on the matter on Peace FM also advised Yaw Berk to relocate to a less expensive society since he’s broke to save his purse.

Watch the video below to know more…